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Happiness is not the word that could possibly describe it.  It’s a bliss.  Tired, if not to say exhausted, sleep deprived and madly overworked, dazed with new faces and remembering no new names whatsoever, drunk or at least a bit tipsy at any given moment… always looking gorgeous though, always smiling, always enjoying the food, the conversations, the sun, the sea, the fun…  It’s Cannes.  We’re back!


I have so much to tell, I have met so many amazing people, yet I’m so short of time, that the only way to share it with you people is to squeeze it into a few short sentence and post it as fast as possible with all the pictures.  So you too can partake a bit in our fun.  So here we go.


I’ve landed in France 2 days ago… and the fun has started right away.  A sweet Dutch producer Ralph has been taken hostage by the slow luggage delivery of the relaxed Nice airport workers along with me and another hundred passengers, so after waiting for 40 minutes for our bags we’ve started chatting and shared a cab to Cannes; few hours later yours truly, my girl Dasha and her boy Paolo trotted to Cannes’s most fabulous fish restaurant (OH MY GOD!  Now I know that shellfish is one of the things that makes this life worth living!!!); after an exquisite meal we headed to Martinez where we met… well, everybody!  Tuesday morning after waking with no hangover – shocker! – we returned to our lovely base camp of three years – Plage Royale, and oh they were happy to see us there!  We had a day of lovely meetings with lovely people – please check out the pictures – and a swim in the sea down the road, we attempted to break into a boat party in the Marina.  Well, we came a bit late – as the doorman informed us the boat was about to sink and no extra weight – not even in form of particularly good looking rather skinny girls – could be possibly taken on board.   In the evening of the same day we’ve smoked some of the sweetest, most tender, most delicious hash I’ve ever tried on the Cannes’ city beach and – guess what! – went to Martinez where we met everybody again.  Among everybody our old German friend Andy with his 18th trip to Cannes and our new German friend Martin particularly stood out.  Andy with his sparkling alcohol-proof sense of humor and Martin with his unique resume of porn films composer.  It is people of this sort – well, besides the shellfish certainly – that make this life worth living!


Other then that – follow my Cannes Fashion Picks photo uploads!  There are some crazy outfits here, guys! 

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