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 A short sketch of everyday film production madness:  we are casting freaks today.  We’ve been casting freaks yesterday as well, so today is freak-casting part two.  That’s basically the brief – freaks of both genders, the freakier the better; make Kusturica jealous so to say... 


So for a second day now we are blessed with a company of dozens of exquisitely ugly and/or bizarre-looking people.  The people, however, seem content.  They merrily chat the time away, waiting for the call to perform their freak parts in front of our casting studio camera.  We walk past them fighting guilty smiles.  We wonder if they get it – our casting specs – by merely looking at each other.


At one point I go to the restroom and there is a number of freaks there too, crowded in front of the mirror.  There are three women and one man. They have small plastic bags full of accessories with them.  Their colorful beads, cheap make up and hair spray bottles are all over the place.  The man is getting a necktie out of his pocket and wets down his hair comb. The sight is disturbingly captivating: the freaks are making themselves pretty…


Minutes later I walk past two men talking.  They obviously have known each other for quite some time.  One says to the other: “So, Petrov, haven’t drunk yourself to death yet, huh?” And I’m thinking to myself – wow, I love my job!

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