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How long is 42 days?

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I'm on a train to Crimea, traveling to location, switching projects.  I've lived through a portion of stress and hard work recently, but I have also met some really great people.   Another "also" - there has been somebody who occupied a lot of my thoughts and who filled my days with joyful anticipation.  A bit sadder "also" - a great, even if a bit strange, person, a friend, has lost somebody he loved, while somebody else he loves turned a corner of success.  "Also number four" - I'm getting my braces taken off next week, so no more teen look, folks!  There has been a flock of other little trifles - distracting, entertaining, annoying: my gym membership expired and I have to urgently update; I had my wisdom teeth pulled out and suffered long hours of dreadful pain; I've survived parental invasion of my apartment; lost two kilos; read couple of cool books; developed an odd like for white wine mixed with water; wished my brother happy twentieth birthday... 


All these things have happened in last 42 days.  I've been living a pretty eventful life.  Living... Life...


It has been 42 days since Mark Halaway's life ended.  Only 42 days...  One thousand hours...
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